Great White Shark:

One of the unique specialities of our company is the preparation of great shark specimens, such as the great white shark, using a freeze-drying process. Since it is practically impossible to prepare a great shark specimen to museums quality using conventional methods, due to shrinkage and because the fins have a strong tendency to become undulated, it is very hard to obtain genuine skin specimens anywhere in the world.

Having acquired a large freeze dryer of over 3 meters in length, we are now able to fill this market gap and are being contacted from all over the world.

Museums are gradually exchanging their old shrunken specimens and also their kitschy plastic casts for freeze-dried skin specimens. Only a few weeks ago, we delivered a white shark specimen to the "Inatura" museum in Dornbirn. The special public attraction of this modern museum is the freeze-dried great white shark which can be touched by every visitor! The fins have become so hard due to freeze drying that they are extremely robust. Visitors can use their sense of touch to experience the rough sharkskin and find out how sharp the teeth are without damaging the specimen in any way.

CAUTION!!! Due to its worldwide conservation status, we can only offer great white shark specimens to museums (prices on request)!!!