1. Drawing up of a sketch of its form

The sketches of its form will be drawn in accordance with the fish’s exact body measurements.

2. Production of its form

The block of solid foam is worked into shape using a fretsaw and spokeshave.

The pre-prepared sketch of its form guarantees that the original measurements are retained.

3. Removal of meat from the trophy

With a set of surgical instruments, the trophy is completely stripped of meat.

All that remains is the head stripped of meat with attached skin.

4. Preservation

The skin, still untreated, is put into a special bath for deep removal of grease for several weeks.

Afterwards it is preserved in alcohol and later tanned in a disinfectant medium.

We do not use any formaldehyde or other poisons.

5. Ffreeze-drying

Preparation for freeze-drying

The fish skin is now drawn over the mould and stitched up.

The fins are fixed in harmony with the natural movement of the fish.


Technique of freeze-drying

Why freeze-drying?

Hard-freezing cannot shrink the completed trophy in relation to its original size. Head and jaw parts dry without any shrinkage.



6. Final preparation/Colouring

Through the processes of preservation and afterwards drying, the natural colours fade. With glazed airbrush colours of superior light-fastness, the original drawing is freshened up, but not thickly painted over.

As a result, the fish skin does not disappear under a thick layer of colour and varnish, but preserves the structure of the scales and remains true to the original drawing.

Also, the particular style of varied glass eyes are made by hand and individually painted. Our own specially-prepared varnish for the final varnishing should protect the preparation and imitate the naturally-occurring slimy skin.

7. Assembly

You can choose between

Nothing is impossible...!

8. Despatch of the completed preparations

Your valuable trophies will be sent to you in multi-sided reinforced cardboard boxes, protected against knocks with pieces of polystyrene.