From chatching your fish to our service:

Starting Point


You require a top-quality preparation and therefore wish to have your catch prepared by Hofinger.

On the following pages, we shall describe the correct preparatory treatment and the procedure for your trophy’s despatch for you.

Photograph your catch.

A photo of the newly-caught fish makes it easier for us to achieve a lifelike form and to reproduce the colour accurately at a later stage.


Do not gut the entire fish (otherwise, it entails extra work) and freeze in the plastic bag as quickly as possible. Large fish can also be frozen in a curved position straight away.

Correct length of head trophies: position pectoral fins and cut off behind.

If deep-freezing is impossible (for example with holiday catches or large fish)

freeze curved larger whole fish
right length at head preparations

Despatching the fish

Wrap deep-frozen trophies separately in several layers of newspaper and place in a cardboard box. Pack the cardboard box’s remaining space with crumpled newspaper (=isolation and protection against knocks). Enclose note (note with instructions) and possibly include a photo and send the package by post to the appropriate country’s address. In the summer, to be on the safe side, send it by express post.

Despatch days: Mondays to Fridays; with express post Thursdays included. No despatch before weekends or public holidays.

You wish to have your catch prepared...

. . . then do make use of our pre-prepared accompanying letter. Under preparation, you will find your appropriate despatch address with the link to the letter.