Quality or a botch-up job?

    1 good trophy is better than 4 bad ones!

                      Don’t take any risks! Don’t just compare prices!

Botchers may be cheaper, but.....

most of the “fish specimens” they prepare are not good enough to afford their customers years of pleasure. Wives usually win the battle and ban that brown, sticky, sausage-shaped “dream fish” from the living room to some corner in the garage or in the cellar. Quality specimens from HOFINGER Taxidermy, however, are an adornment to every home. Even your ever so suspicious wife will become convinced of this. So don’t let yourself be tempted in any way by cut-price offers - the disappointment that follows is final, that once in a life time trophy is lost for ever.



Taxidermy is a matter of trust. After all, it is not just about lasting durability but also about true to life representation. This is why you should not entrust your catch to the cheapest taxidermist but only to the specialist. We deliver international top quality - our specimens are genuine freezer dried skin specimens, noted for their high quality and naturalness.

No toxic substances are used, there is no fat leakage, no shrinkage and no plastic (in America, it is becoming increasingly popular to make plastic casts of fish trophies). We offer the genuine thing ... and intend to continue doing so.

Never say: "My taxidermist around the corner does a good job so why should I send my fish to HOFINGER in Steyrermühl?" First take a close look at our brochure instead or perhaps you may even have the opportunity of seeing our fish specimens at fishing exhibitions. Then it will finally dawn on you that when it comes to quality and naturalness there is a lot better out there than you were ever aware of.

Shrinkage-free, freeze-dried from HOFINGER
Freeze-dried from a rival company "Botched " record fish are worth restoring. Send us a photo for a non-binding quotation. For total restoration, estimate about 70% of the new preparation price.